SaVit offers free, on-site seminars for your medical practice

Ask us about our seminars – or ask one of our clients! We’ve been conducting on-site seminars for our clients for quite some time now, and the reviews are great.

We will prepare and deliver a tailored seminar for your practice, and we will share industry best practices and strategies on the topics of:

  • Gathering patient information on new and returning patients at the reception desk
  • Financial responsibility language
  • Payment collection at time of service
  • Negotiating payment schedules
  • Special guidelines for self-pay patients
  • Medical office department coordination
  • Dealing with difficult patients
  • Understanding payment delay tactics
  • Patient billing disputes
  • Collection agency practices – what agencies can and can’t do and say
  • Preparing accounts for collection

We’ll come prepared with workbooks, pens, coffee and maybe even a gift or two. If multiple sessions are necessary, we are happy to work that out. To schedule your seminar, call us today at (800) 491-5757 and ask for Sue or Jonasz.

Seminars for clients are free. If you are not a client, there will be a small fee to cover our expenses.

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