Savit or Attorney?

Should I use SaVit or an attorney to collect my accounts?

  • Attorneys can sue in a court of law
  • Patients often respond to their letters
  • They can negotiate when patients call their offices
  • Their fees may be lower than some collection agency fees

  • Most attorneys do not specialize in healthcare debt collection
  • Attorneys are not usually staffed to work and solve complicated insurance problems
  • They charge suit fees and court costs over and above their collection fees
  • They usually do not make outgoing telephone collection calls
  • They will usually only sue on accounts over $1,500
  • They often do not list smaller balances with credit bureaus
  • They often do not give clients a summary report of their results
  • They sometimes require upfront retainers
  • They usually do not remit payments to their clients in a timely manner


Using SaVit Collection Agency

  • We use letters, incoming and outgoing phone calls to contact patients
  • We specialize in healthcare accounts
  • We can find patients who have moved or left their jobs
  • We supply regular status and management reports to our clients
  • We use attorneys when they are needed, and manage that relationship for you
  • Our attorneys specialize in healthcare collections and can sue smaller balances
  • We will advance suit fees for any accounts sued in NJ
  • We provide our attorneys with valuable information from credit bureau and asset verification searches to increase their success rate
  • We are experts in dealing with insurance companies and complicated cases
  • We list unpaid accounts with national credit bureaus, increasing the opportunity to collect
  • We promptly remit all patient payments to our clients by the second business day of the month following payment
  • We have no upfront charges
  • We have an experienced Customer Care department to answer all your questions and concerns immediately.
  • We record all telephone calls between our staff and patients
  • While our collection fee may be somewhat higher than an attorney’s, we offer a higher net return to our clients

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